Runes of Avalon

Tips and tricks

So you want to become master in Runes of Avalon? There no better place to look at!

For Runes of Avalon 2

  • For each match of three or more runes you earn the same amount of Rune Magic (as long as there is an opened vial corresponding to the runes you matched).
  • For each match of 4 runes you'll receive 1 spell on the board.
  • For each match of 5 or more you'll receive 2 spells on the board.
  • When you make a match of 2 colours (COMBO) you'll receive 3 spells.
  • When you are short on time, focus on the colours that are missing. It's easy to waste time making matches for colours with vials that are already full.
  • Take advantage of chain reactions - make matches for spells that will activate other spells in turn (such as bomb, fire, vanish and drain spells).
  • When you are running out of free space, try to use spells or the Amulet of Spells.
  • Drop spells from the Amulet of Spells in places where they will collect as many runes as possible and activate as many other spells as possible. For example, do not drop the fire spell onto another fire spell, but to one side - this way you will collect more runes, because you will have two flames of fire instead of one.
  • Be careful with the teleport spell. If you have already planned all your moves carefully it can ruin your strategy, however, if there are lots of runes on the board with no pattern, it can make matches at random.
  • When you play against giant runes use spells carefully - they can destroy a hard-made pattern.
  • When there is more than one giant rune, focus on the first one. One at a time is the key to success.
  • Try to get as many points as possible in the rune matching game - every spell earned during this mini-game will show up on the board on the next level and will make it easier for you to complete it.
  • In the puzzle mini-game, when you swap pieces you can see the original picture under the flying pieces. Watch for it and it will be easier for you to make the right swap.
  • You can view all completed images in the puzzle mini-game in the gallery. You can even replay the puzzle game with the selected image on any of three different difficulty settings.
  • You can use mouse roll or space to rotate tiles.
    You can find 6 spells in Runes of Avalon:
  • Colour Drain Spell - this spell removes all runes of one colour from the board.
  • Teleport Spell - switches rune colours randomly. It also affects stones and locked runes.
  • Vanish Spell - removes random runes from the board.
  • Bomb Spell - clears a 5x5 square of runes.
  • Heal Spell - turns all stones into locked runes and all locked runes into regular runes.
  • Fire Spell - removes all runes, locked runes and stones in a cross of fire, but it cannot go through walls.
    Evelyne will find the Amulet of Spells on level 4. She has to learn her first spell in the Rune Matching mini-game. Later she will learn new or more powerful spells. There are 4 spells available:
  • Fire Spell - similar to fire spells on the board, though it will become more powerful.
  • Magic Sand - activates any spell on the board that you drop it on. Very useful on later, more crowded levels.
  • Spread Spell - turns the surrounding runes into the same colour as the rune you dropped it on. Learning how to use this spell effectively is crucial to completing some levels.
  • Time Bonus Spell - adds time. Initially 30 seconds, then 40.

Each spell uses 5 Rune Magic points. Some spells can be cast with either one of two available colors in that case spell uses the one that has more points collected.

Fire spells use red or blue runes. Spread spells use silver or gold runes. Magic Sand uses any green runes. Time Bonus uses grey runes.

Note that the Double Fire Spell can be tricky. It casts 2 cross fire spells, but not at the place you drop it. One fire spell is cast to the left and above and the other one is cast to the right and below.

    You gain spells on the following levels:
  • Level 4 - Fire Spell
  • Level 11 - Spread Spell
  • Level 14 - Double Fire Spell
  • Level 24 - Magic Sand
  • Level 34 - Time Spell
  • Level 44 - Triple Fire Spell
  • Level 55 - Time Spell 2
    There are 5 level types in Runes of Avalon 2:
  • Regular levels - your task is to fill magic vials with corresponding rune magic (colours).
  • Rainbow runes levels - the taks is to collect all rainbow runes. The trick is that those runes are not draw so you can not make regular matches with them. You need to use spells. Place as many spells as you like on the backdrop and then release one spell (preferably vanish spell) and watch what how all the runes disappear.
  • Giant Rune levels - you need to collect all Giant Runes to progress. You collect a Giant Rune by placing 2x2 sets of regular runes on each side of the giant rune.
  • Puzzle mini-game - in order to advance to the next stage you need to complete a puzzle minigame. Swap pieces until they lock into the right places.
  • Rune Matching mini-game - click runes on parchments and learn or earn spells for next levels.

Feel free to submit your own tips & tricks.

For Runes of Avalon 1

  • Make 4 or more matches to earn spells!
  • Use spells to clear the board or get more points
  • Make combos (matches of 2 or more colors) to get more points
  • Remember to rotate tiles and look for the best match available - not the easiest one
  • As soon as you fill one of the vials concentrate on the rest - there is no point (except getting mroe points) in making more matches of the color that is filled up
  • If you're running out of time and have plenty of space, but only few matches left to finish the level, place tiles wherever and focus on missing match
  • To match giant runes you need different strategy - to match giant rune you need 2x2 tile on all four sides of a giant rune, but remember, that regular runes will match with 3 or more
  • In puzzle minigame when you switch pieces you can see what pieces should be in places that are switched
  • In remove all runes minigame make sure you make matches that remove most of the runes - you need to clear the board before the time runs out
  • In ring of spells minigame try to make as many good sequences as possible - you will earn spells that will help you play on the next level
  • ... check out later for more tips.