Runes of Avalon

Runes of Avalon - official story

The whole story is 23 pages long. Text presented on this webpages is only introduction. We want to give you a taste of an advanture, taste of Avalon. Below you can find three mini-chapters from the story. Ejoy it and play the game to read it all. It is very interesting text with unexpected ending.


Lost in the mists of time is an empire.


A land buried in myth and legend. A fragment of the world that wizards shrouded from all that is dark and evil, Avalon is land known for its simple, unspoiled beauty. For the gracious people that populate the land.

But mostly, Avalon is known for its magic.

White magic permeates Avalon. The people breathe it in and know they are safe. Secure. Protected from harm, they are content in their safety. Mostly.

For not all are content. There is always those who want more. Some seek greatness and glory. Others might desire for gold. Then there are those special few who dream of wielding magic. People like the great wizard, Merlin.

And people like you. His Apprentice.

Still, there are others who dream of power. Control. The occasional witch or wizard that wants to bend Avalon to their will. For centuries, Merlin has blocked such attempts, but now an evil marches at Avalon's edge. A dark magic threatens to consume all in its path.

The evil is named Morganna.

Morganna tastes the magic that is the blood of Avalon. Instead of filling her, her desire for power left her hungry. Her cravings changing her into a witch determined to bend the land and people to her will. Years ago, she made a bid for power and Merlin defeated her. Since that great battle, a fight that left a small portion of Avalon a Wasteland that would never recover, she has hidden herself. Using magic as a cover, she nursed her wounds, growing stronger in secret.

Now, she is healed. Hungry. A black force that is ready to defeat Merlin and take Avalon for her own.

Apprenticed to Merlin, you have heard whispers of Morganna but no more than that. Learning magic consumes your time and thoughts, not a witch that Merlin vanquished years ago.

They seem to be nothing more than stones, Master. - You roll the flat stones between your palms, not sure why Merlin has given them too you, but knowing they must be important.

How do they feel, Apprentice? - he asks.

You know he is not asking about anything as a simple as texture or temperature. You open yourself up and try to feel the magic in the rock, but the rocks are just rock with no magic beyond that of the low, hum of magic that permeates all of Avalon.

He smiles, and you try to return the grin, wondering what amuses him and if it is your lack of knowledge. - Runes are simply stone, - he explains. - It is what we do with them that make them special. How we manipulate them that gives us the answers we seek.

Magical? - you ask, clarifying his meaning.

Yes, - he replies. - And there are spells to make them even stronger.

You open your hand, and poke at the stones with a fingertip. What spells-- The room shakes, and you snap your hand shut before the stones fall to the floor.


You look up. Fear halts your breath in you throat. Something is horribly wrong. The air around Merlin shimmers with magic, but it's not Avalon magic--even a lowly Apprentice can sense as much. This magic is cloying, black and stinks of evil.

Pocketing the stones, you move towards Merlin, not sure what to do but ready to help.

No, - he shouts.

You stop mid-step and realize he is fading. Something, or someone, is drawing him through space. "Morganna," he whispers.

You stiffen in anger and fear. He has told you of the dark witch. How he defeated her. Or so he thought.

Find The Lady of the Lake. - Merlin's words are as pale as his form and barely audible. - There is not much time. Take the runes. She will show you...

But he fades from sight before he can complete the sentence, leaving you alone and the runes resting heavy in your pocket.

To be continued... in Runes of Avalon game. Download now and play.