Runes of Avalon

Creating of the Runes of Avalon

It took us almost 9 months to create Runes of Avalon. Those 9 months were filled with hard work, passion and inspiration. The final result of work proves that it was time well spend.

For many reasons during the development process I'd been writing blog entries about it in ANAWIKI BLOG. This not let me look from a distance on our game. It also was a good way of communication with our community. To make it easier for you I copied selected entries from our blog to this page.

Following entries are listed from the oldest to the youngest.

Improving runes shapes

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

We did initial playtesting for Runique and received very promising feedback. Everyone was excited about the game. That's what you wanna hear after working on your game for few months. Although people enjoyed the game, they pointed to us some weak points in the game. One of them was runes shapes.

We created new set of runes. Started with the same size. They look much better and are far easier to play. You can compare them on your own on the picture the below. New ones are more vivid and crisp.

Runique - runes shapes

We also decided to create another set of runes. Bigger shapes will be used in cases where the playfield is a little bit smaller - 12x12 maximum (maximum playfield size is 15x15).

Ring of spells - Runique progress

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

ring of spellsAfter 8 hours of coding I need to do some mind refreshing tasks. Tasks, that will get me excited for upcoming work. Talking (writing) about Runique always puts me in good mood.

We are finishing ring of spells for Runique. You won't find regular power-ups like you do in many games. Instead, we introduce ring of spells. How does it work? Bright red spheres are active spells. Cast those spells and watch the runes exploding.

Runes of Avalon logo

Saturday, December 2nd, 2006

We are very very close to launch our newest title: Runes of Avalon. Expect exclusive preview of this game on December 6th. Until then logo has to satisfy you :)

Runes of Avalon logo

Keep your mind fresh

Friday, December 8th, 2006

I was about to write preview of Runes of Avalon but I did not. Our publisher proposed few small changes to gameplay. While those changes look small on paper, it will take time to implement them. What I fear most is that at the end we will have very different game, still very good or even better than original, but different.

So I decided that we will stop developing Runes for couple of days to refresh our minds. It's always good to have fresh mind when it comes to new ideas. I've just finished playing few games that I wanted to try but never had time because of RoA development. Now I have the time to play few more :)

Runes of Avalon - trailer and official website

Saturday, December 16th, 2006

We are extremely happy to annouce Runes of Avalon official website and trailer. We've been working on those two for last two weeks. Website is still not completely finished, but most important parts of it are functioning. Hope you like it. You can watch Runes of Avalon trailer below (just click play button).

Most importantly: you can pre-order Runes of Avalon now for $19.00 and save 5% off final price. And that’s not all - if you pre-order now you’ll get 18 levels extra.

Pre-order Runes of Avalon for Windows
Pre-order Runes of Avalon for Mac Intel

Games and stories

Friday, January 12th, 2007

Does game need a story? Can story be a game? Well, not every game and not every story.

Actually, I know only one story that can be played? What’s that? This is one of the best games I ever played, called Another World. It is a game, but has such a deep storyline, that should be considered a story that can be played. Another World is 15 years old but there are thousands of players that still remember that title. Haven’t played it? You must give it a try. Game was recently re-released with improved graphics.

Storyline very often enhances a game, makes it deeper, makes you wanna play longer. We’ve been working on storyline for Runes of Avalon for couples of weeks - well, actually professional writer was writing it. And you know what? We ended up with 23 pages of text. That’s huge, but also very interesting. Implementing it well into the game will be another piece of art.

Merlin, Morgan le Fay and the Apprentice

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

Have you ever heard of Merlin or King Arthur? I’m sure you have. I doubt you’ve heard about Morgan Le Fay. And definitely you haven’t heard about Merlin’s Apprentice. So here is short who’s who in Arthurian legends and Runes of Avalon.

Merlin is best known as the mighty wizard featured in Arthurian legend. His traditional biography has him born the son of an incubus and a mortal woman who inherits his powers from his strange birth. He grows up to be a sage and engineers the birth of Arthur through magic. Later Merlin serves as the king’s advisor until he is bewitched and imprisoned by the Lady of the Lake.

In Arthurian legend, Morgan le Fay, alternatively known as Morgaine, Morgain, Morgana and a slew of related name variants, is a powerful sorceress and sometime antagonist of King Arthur and Guinevere. King Arthur is her half brother by Igraine and Uther Pendragon. Morgan has at least two older sisters, Elaine and Morgause, the latter of which is the mother of Gawain and the traitor Mordred. In Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur and elsewhere, she is married, unhappily, to King Urien of Gore and Ywain is her son. Though she becomes an adversary of the Round Table when Guinevere discovers her adultery with one of her husband’s knights, she eventually reconciles with her brother, and even serves as one of the four enchantresses who carry the king to Avalon after his final battle at Camlann.

All that is what you can read on the internet. But is it the whole story? Is it true story?

It’s not…! I haven’t written a word about Merlin’s Apprentice, but I will, hold on. Story will be continued. In the meantime don’t forget to check out Runes of Avalon game trailer.

Runes of Avalon - 9 days and counting…

Sunday, February 4th, 2007

We’re getting more and more excited with each day that gets us closer to the release of Runes of Avalon. That’s just 9 days. You don’t want to wait that long? You can pre-order it now! Make sure to watch the trailer on our website.

The battle for Avalon

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

It’s comming. Day by day. Runes of Avalon… and Evelyne, the Apprentice to Merlin. Can she defeat Morganna? Can she learn rune magic quick enough to protect all the living? Who will she meet on her path?

Evelyne, the Aprrentice - Runes of Avalon

Years ago, Morganna made a bid for power and only Merlin was strong enough to oppose her. They fought their magical battle on ground and in the sky, and soon the land around them burned and the air became acrid with smoke. In the end Morganna was defeated, but not without cost. The Field of Gold-known for its lush and productive landsówere destroyed and left a rocky, barren wasteland that would never recover.

Battle for Avalon - Runes of Avalon

Morganna, though defeated and wounded, escaped. Using magic as a cover, she nursed her wounds and grew stronger in secret.

Now, she is healed, dangerous and hungry for revenge.

Morganna - Runes of Avalon

Watch our website closely. New match-3 with a twist of Tetris. Runes of Avalon are coming very soon.