Runes of Avalon

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This is a shockingly solid game... it is an absolute piece of art, and you really should go play it.

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8.5 ultra recommended

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Runes of Avalon offers surprisingly polished gameplay from a small development company. Reminiscent of such classics as Tetris and Coloris, but much improved. A must have!

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Runes of Avalon has taken the "match three" concept and spun it in a way that makes it seem both unique and fresh.

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Runes of Avalon is an engaging game featuring exceptional music, superb visuals, a pair of interesting mini-games and a good deal of variation from one level to the next. What it sets out to accomplish it does well. That is, provide a Tetris-like twist to the match-three genre.

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It might be said that there are numerous games of these sort with similar game play. To some extent it is true but if you ask me, what makes a game a success and a joy to play is a combination of factors - them being ease of control, superior graphical effects and an entertaining game play. I found "Runes of Avalon" game to sport all these qualities.

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It's a beautiful game. Good for improving pattern recognition and spacial awareness skills.

Alan Frankie

I love this game!

Anne Mascot

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