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Lost somewhere in the mists of time, Avalon's beauty and grace is threatened. The forests and vales whisper to you of a growing evil and Merlin, your master, has disappeared leaving Avalon unguarded. It is the ambitious and evil Morganna le Fay who is spreading a darkening corruption. Use the Rune Magic Merlin taught you to cleanse Avalon and rescue your master from Morganna's Tower.

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Runes of Avalon is a puzzle game with a twist, match-3 mechanic that you have yet to see. Excellent music, wonderful graphics, brilliant particle effects, eight powerful spells, 105 levels in quest, two minigames, lot of variations within a quest, total of three game modes is what you get when playing Runes of Avalon.

Overall features

  • Three modes of play - Quest, Endless and Time Attack
  • 105 challenging levels in quest
  • 6 spells (power-ups)
  • Boss levels enhancing gameplay
  • Two bonus games
  • Wallpapers as a rewards for completing stages
  • 14 enchanting images to reveal
  • Excellent mystic music & sfx
  • Intriguing storyline
  • Wonderful particle effects
  • and more...

This is a shockingly solid game... it is an absolute piece of art, and you really should go play it.

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Runes of Avalon has taken the "match three" concept and spun it in a way that makes it seem both unique and fresh.

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Runes of Avalon was designed to work on almost all PC Windows, Mac OSX or Linux computers.

Windows ME, 2000, XP, Vista with DirectX 7+ or Mac OSX 10.3.9
128 MB Ram
32MB Disk Space after install
16MB or more GFX card
Sound Card